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Why Decizonsoft?
Decizonsoft is synonymous with:
“Make it happen” drives engagements and not SLA.
Emotional involvement with client’s success at all levels
Razor focus on understanding client’s business and legacies
Design considerations for inherent data structural inefficiencies
Unique Institutional complexities are accounted in the design
Innovative and entrepreneurial culture with equity benefits
Pro-active communication and reason based disagreements.
Strong focus on quality, 1 QA member for every 4 developers
Highly secure processes to protect client’s IP and data
Redundant Infrastructure with power and connectivity backups
24 x 7 technical support
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Our Services
Enterprise Application Development
Decizonsoft is the avant-garde choice for global firms....
Mobile Application Development
Enterprise mobility on Blackberry? We can build a customised solutions.....
Embedded Application Development
Decizonsoft has strong expertise in develop Embedded Application....
Digital Marketing & Online Branding
Staying ahead on the digital space is need of the hour....
Clould Computing
Do you put your own power plant for electricity? Cloud makes......
Data Warehousing & BI Reporting
Decizonsoft has worked extensively on Data Warehousing BI Reporting tools....